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About Company

We do
We don't
support corporate reorganizations, provide alternatives justifications decide for the client, carry out reorganizations
develop draft laws, amendments, and other regulatory acts lobby client's interests in the government agencies
provide corporate service for new legal entities establishment and support in Russia and abroad, open bank accounts develop money laundering and tax evasion schemes
conduct lawsuits settle disputes by way of bribery and similar methods

Teamborn is a company, engaged in professional consulting services.

Our aim is to supply high quality and efficient consulting services to help our clients promptly solve the problems they face.

The Teamborn Consulting Company works in five functional business areas:

We strive to provide professional consulting support, based on profound knowledge and understanding of customer's business.

Please, forward your proposals and recommendations to our partners: .

We promise that all your proposals will be considered with due care.

If you wish to join our team or to take training in our company, please forward your CV to