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Corporate finance. M&A deals

TeamBorn develops strategies and provides solutions for corporate finance management and M&A deals. Our services are perfectly tailored to the needs of our customers, such that invest into Russian economy, European markets (both East and West), or to the USA and Canada.

TeamBorn’s consultants work on all levels of international financial markets and those of the countries with growing economy, thus guaranteeing the best corporate solutions for your business.

The worldwide network of business contacts blended with accumulated knowledge and experience makes TeamBorn highly adaptable to peculiarities of varying economies, industries and cultures. All this taken together enables our consultants to deliver to provide with the services of ultra-high quality.

TeamBorn team gained outstanding expertise in finding how to boost the company’s capitalization throughout the project stages, from the deal’s planning to its closure.

Our services comprise:

Our experience as finance advisers will render you a clear view of the status and perspectives of a target company, making it easier for you to decide wisely on the feasibility of a financial transaction.

TeamBorn’s customers value the dedicated work of our wide-ranging experts, trained with leading international investment banks, private equity funds, the “Big Four” in effective cooperation with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation, State Atomic Energy Corporation ‘Rosatom’, etc.

Full comprehension of the customers’ needs, knowledge of the market and driving for results makes it possible for us to offer most effective solutions to increase the business value through capital operations.